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TaxBanter November 2023 Special Topic: Stacey goes to London (Recording)

Our monthly Special Topic presentations are practical, yet detailed analyses of specific areas of tax law or practice.

Our Online Special Topic sessions, meant to accompany our Tax Updates, are an in-depth look at topical matters frequently encountered by tax professionals.

Each year we carefully select these topics based on current happenings in the industry and government. Each session is supplemented by a comprehensive technical paper and relevant case studies for maximum understanding.


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Stacey goes to London

Your client is heading overseas – this case study-based topic examines the Australian tax implications of:

  • A resident taxpayer deriving foreign income which is subject to foreign income tax
  • Becoming a non-resident – changes to tax rates and CGT I1
  • Selling a CGT asset – calculation of the CGT discount
  • Becoming a resident again
  • Selling a main residence with both non-resident and non-main residence days

Tristan Webb

Senior Tax Trainer, TaxBanter

Tristan has over 20 years experience in the private sector in tax and worked at the ATO for almost a decade . Prior to joining TaxBanter, Tristan was a tax trainer with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and National Tax Director at Crowe Australasia (Findex). Tristan aims to make his training sessions as practical as possible which reflects his most recent work experience training with CA ANZ and working for mid-tier firms such as Crowe and HLB Mann Judd.

Tristan has also previously worked for PwC and legal publisher CCH Australia where he contributed to well-known tax publications such as the Australian Federal Tax Reporter and the Australian Master Tax Guide. The depth of Tristan’s experience ensures that he is able to provide “cut through” for mid-tier professionals, ensuring they get the practical information they need to be a proficient tax practitioner in a changing environment.

TaxBanter November 2023 Special Topic: Stacey goes to London (Recording)

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Investment per person: $ 207.90
Team cost: $ 623.70
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