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The Next Level: Division 7A

Recorded 30 November 2022.

A refresher on the core rules – benefiting both those experienced with and those who are new to Division 7A, compliance tips and traps, practical examples & useful diagrams to highlight some key issues, and more.

Division 7A is an integrity provision that deems certain loans, payments or debts forgiven by a private company to its shareholders or their associates to be a dividend. While the core rules have been in existence for 25 years, legislative changes have both tightened and relaxed Division 7A's operation. Importantly there have also been changes in how the ATO interprets these rules. Mistakes can easily be made, with significant consequences.


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What we cover

In this webinar we will:

  • provide a refresher on the core rules – benefiting both those experienced with and those who are new to Division 7A
  • identify compliance tips and traps
  • detail the changed ATO position on how unpaid present entitlements (UPEs) owed by a trust to a corporate beneficiary extend the ambit of Division 7A.

Lee-Ann Hayes

Head of Client Engagement, TaxBanter

Lee-Ann brings over 19 years of tax training experience and is well regarded as an enthusiastic, approachable and engaging presenter. Her strong tax technical knowledge was developed at the Australian Taxation Office, where she held various technical, audit and training roles. Lee-Ann’s passion for tax training began in 2001 after joining Webb Martin Training and continues on at Taxbanter. From this time, Lee-Ann has continued delivering tax technical training sessions for various providers, including boutique training organisations and professional associations.

Lee-Ann’s strong technical knowledge and enthusiastic training style ensures that all participants, from the graduate to the partner, receive maximum value from each training session.

Leanne Saunders

Tax Trainer, TaxBanter

The Next Level: Division 7A

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Investment per person: $ 143.00
Team cost: $ 429.00
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