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The Next Level - Small Business CGT Concessions Part I: The Basics

Recorded 16 September 2021.

Working through the core rules.

The small business CGT concessions are arguably some of the most generous provisions in the ITAA. The concessions are targeted to small business and consist of:

  • the small business 15-year exemption;
  • the small business 50 per cent reduction;
  • the small business retirement exemption; and
  • the small business roll-over.

Depending on which concession (or concessions) applies, a taxpayer can defer, reduce or even disregard a capital gain.

In this two-part webinar series, we will go through the core rules and then dive deeper into each of the concessions.


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Part 1 - Basic Rules

Part 1 works through the core rules, including the:

  • basic eligibility requirements, namely:
    • small business entity test;
    • maximum net asset value test; and
    • active asset test, and
    • additional conditions that must be satisfied where the relevant CGT asset is a share in a company or an interest in a trust;
  • additional conditions that must be satisfied where a CGT asset is held by an interposed entity;
  • special rules applicable to CGT assets that are owned by partners, or by a partnership; and
  • separate eligibility criteria that may need to be satisfied in order to access the various concessions.

Lee-Ann Hayes

Head of Client Engagement, TaxBanter

Lee-Ann brings over 19 years of tax training experience and is well regarded as an enthusiastic, approachable and engaging presenter. Her strong tax technical knowledge was developed at the Australian Taxation Office, where she held various technical, audit and training roles. Lee-Ann’s passion for tax training began in 2001 after joining Webb Martin Training and continues on at Taxbanter. From this time, Lee-Ann has continued delivering tax technical training sessions for various providers, including boutique training organisations and professional associations.

Lee-Ann’s strong technical knowledge and enthusiastic training style ensures that all participants, from the graduate to the partner, receive maximum value from each training session.

Michael Bode

Senior Tax Trainer, TaxBanter

Michael has over 20 years’ experience in public practice with Chartered firms including 6 years at Deloitte in tax advisory, 3 years as lead tax advisor for a large financial planning firm and 3 years as head of the national tax consulting division at Prosperity Advisers. Prior to this Michael worked in business services in mid-sized Chartered practices. Having commenced with legal training and practice he gravitated naturally to his love of tax law, advice and team training.

Michael has a broad range of experience covering tax issues and practical compliance for individuals, small business, listed companies and multinationals across a wide spectrum of industries. His extensive work managing tax controversy matters and government submissions, coupled with his business service experience and passion for tax law allows him to provide significant colour and context to his training.

Leanne Saunders

Tax Trainer, TaxBanter

The Next Level - Small Business CGT Concessions Part I: The Basics

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