TaxBanter Aug 2024 Online Special topic: Application of Part IVA in the SME Space.

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Date & Details

Wednesday, 7 August 2024

11:00am - 12:30pm AEST (NSW, VIC, QLD,ACT, TAS)
10:30am (SA & NT)
9:00am WA

What we cover

Application of Part IVA in the SME space

Part IVA, as amended in 2013 to remedy weaknesses that had been revealed by a number of significant Court decisions, now requires the Part IVA analysis to start with the question of whether a person participated in a scheme for the sole or dominant purpose of enabling the taxpayer to obtain a tax benefit. 

An inquiry focussing on whether there were ‘other ways (e.g. more convenient, or commercial, or frugal ways) in which the taxpayer might have achieved the substance and effect that it achieved from, or in connection with the scheme’ may make it easier for the Commissioner to identify a tax benefit, especially in the SME market.

This session examines the changes to Part IVA and considers how the changes have affected the operation of Part IVA and its application to SMEs

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TaxBanter Aug 2024 Online Special topic: Application of Part IVA in the SME Space.

07 August 2024 - 07 August 2024