TaxBanter Tax Workshop Adelaide

Our public tax workshops are designed for smaller practices and sole practitioners, covering a monthly Tax Update and Special Topic.

Our workshops will keep you up-to-date with the latest tax changes, while you earn valuable CPE/CPD hours.

The sessions will consist of a tax update and special topic.

Attendees will be updated on recent tax issues and learn about the practical impact of recent tax changes. You’ll also learn how to apply the changes in a client context and discover how to recognise planning opportunities as a result.

The sessions will also provide a practical and detailed analysis of a topical area of tax law or practice.

Thursday, 17 August 20239:00am-12:00pm
Thursday, 21 September 20239:00am-12:00pm
Thursday, 19 October 20239:00am-12:00pm
Thursday, 16 November 20239:00am-12:00pm
What we cover
August Special Topic
September Special Topic
October Special Topic
November Special Topic

Tax Update

Join us each month as we review the current tax landscape. What's changing, and what has been proposed?

You'll learn how to apply these changes in a client context and discover how to recognise planning opportunities as a result.

Tax Updates cover important tax issues such as:

  • Income tax, including CGT
  • Other taxes such as GST and FBT
  • Superannuation
  • Tax administration
  • State taxes

August Special Topic:

Tax issues for Professional practices

  • Why professional practices are treated differently to other businesses
  • The relevance of the personal services income rules
  • Profit splitting and profit allocation arrangements acceptable to the ATO
  • The employee contractor distinction
  • Payroll tax implications for structuring professional practices

Cryptocurrency … in the tax net

  • What are cryptocurrency and digital assets
  • Applying the ordinary income tax and CGT tax rules to digital asset
  • Working out whether your client is an investor, trader or just using the assets for personal use
  • Your client’s record keeping obligations in relation to digital assets
  • Advising your client about what data is available to the ATO about cryptocurrency to match lodged returns

Stacey goes to London

Your client is heading overseas – this case study-based topic examines the Australian tax implications of:

  • A resident taxpayer deriving foreign income which is subject to foreign income tax
  • Becoming a non-resident – changes to tax rates and CGT I1
  • Selling a CGT asset – calculation of the CGT discount
  • Becoming a resident again
  • Selling a main residence with both non-resident and non-main residence days

Div 7A – A refresher

  • A refresher on the core rules of Div 7A

Gary Martin

Senior Tax Trainer, TaxBanter

Gary has over 20 years of experience in the tax industry, including 10 years in the ATO, 5 years in Big 4, and 5 years as a partner and national tax technical director in a second tier practice. Gary has also worked as a tax trainer for Chartered Accountants Australia, and has presented on numerous occasions for the Taxation Institute of Australia.

Gary has a background in corporate tax, having worked in policy and legislation in Canberra on a number of corporate tax projects, including tax consolidation, company loss recoupment provisions, and loss multiplication measures. He now also specialises in SME issues, including Division 7A, small business CGT concessions, and trust issues.


TaxBanter Tax Workshop Adelaide